Why We Even Bothered to Leave the Trees

“But you are telling me, Susan, that the ‘Society for Humanity’ is right;
and that Mankind has lost its own say in its future.”

“It never had any, really. It was always at the mercy of
economic and sociological forces it did not understand — at the whims of
climate, and the fortunes of war. Now the Machines understand them; and no
one can stop them, since the Machines will deal with them as they are
dealing with the Society, — having, as they do, the greatest of weapons at
their disposal, the absolute control of our economy.”

“How horrible!”

“Perhaps how wonderful! Think, that for all time, all conflicts are finally
evitable. Only the Machines, from now on, are inevitable!”

And the fire behind the quartz went out and only a curl of
smoke was left to indicate its place.

~ Asimov, Isaac. “I, Robot”. pp. 147-148. Available online: http://ekladata.com/-Byix64G_NtE0xI4A6PA1–o1Hc/Asimov-Isaac-I-Robot.pdf