Mark's gallery of Facebook infractions 4: Yes, sex is still taboo, even when it's famous

“Your comment didn’t follow our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity”. Comment was a link to an animated gif of Mark Cohen from Rent singing “Mucho masturbation”

Heh heh… Heheheheheheheh.

Okay. No disagreement on my end about this one. Context was a thread on how a Star Trek fan group had some content that was real, real inside-ball (heh) from the point of view of new members. I think this scene (and line in particular) strikes exactly the right tone, and I love this song… The way it exhorts and revels in the lifestyle described while also highlighting the lifestyle is some hilarious tail-eating nonsense.

Anyway, Anthony Rapp went on to play Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery, which I think is pretty great. He’s just too much fun.

As a sidebar… I’ve had family members call me out on my free use of foul language and sexual imagery in my Facebook usage. They’re not wrong. I think it’s worth remembering when you post things in public, people will see them. Facebook in particular has a funny decontexualizing effect because everything lands on the feed wherever the consumer is, not the producer… Whatever you post, it shows up contextualized with other content on readers’ feeds, not the context of your wall. So I think it can be easier to hit people with stuff they don’t expect when they don’t expect it. Something to keep in mind when posting on Facebook.

But that having been said, sex is hilarious so expect my wall to occasionally reference it. To paraphrase the Artists, “This wall features adults using adult language. You have been warned.”

That’s all I got. We’ll see if there’s more in the future, but probably not since I’m moving most of my content creation off Facebook.

(Editor’s note: Hah, I was hilariously wrong! ~2022-2-11)