Mark's gallery of Facebook Infractions BONUS ROUND 5! I DONE GOT GOT AGAIN!

So I thought I would only have four of these to show you, but no. Because I broke my new rule about commenting on other people’s posts, and immediately…

“Your comment goes against our Community Standards on spam.” Comment is “blink blink”, then two links and an image of several corporate logos."

Context was someone sharing a copy-paste meme about how we must support our local businesses, because mega-corporations don’t sponsor Little League teams. The links are to stories about teams sponsored by Walmart, the Little League org in Clark, NJ that has several corporate sponsors, and an image of the sponsorship page for a local FIRST Robotics team, including such local nmes as “Verizon,” “American Eagle,” and “Google.”

I mean, lesson learned, I guess. Stop trying to argue politics on Facebook. The algorithm will discard categories of fact for unrelated reasons, so the end-result is asymmetric transmission of information.

And follow-up lesson: when you decide to stop commenting on FB, stop commenting on FB.